About us

We are a Forth Generation Farming Family

We are located in a little rural hamlet called Richville in upstate New York. Starting out in the dairy industry back in the early 70’s and now doing dairy replacement and beef cow calf operations. 

Our Daily Life

Our Cows

Heifers Replacements

All free roam on a 180 acre pasture. They also get 16% grain daily and fed dry and silage bales along with corn silage during the winter months.

Cow and calf

Beef Cow Calf Operations

We have a mixed bunch of Angus & Herford’s mama cows that are bred by an angus bull to give us a baby calf each year. We keep and raise all the Heifers’ and bull calves are raised for meat.  

Hay load

Hay Production

We put up enough 4X4 round bales during the summer months, that we have more than our animals need. Selling the excess to other local hobby farms produces a secondary income from the hay crop