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Learn more about the process of buying and selling through Auction Barns

How to create a check list to figure out what is best for you and are they attenable

How to create and market through Social Media sites getting the results your after

Learn more about ways to sell to the consumer, whether it be by the pound live weight or dressed.

Learn more about your bottom dollar. You really need to know how much you can afford to spend.

Learn how to narrow the scope of what and how you want to farm.

Life on the Farm

Farming is a labor of love

Being a Farmer is not just a job, its a lifestyle of love.

Family Tradition

Running a home farm of 340 acres plus two other we rent for a combine total of 545 acres keeps us busy during haying season. Everyone chips in on this endevor.

Daily Life on the Farm

We are going to try and keep our blog posts current letting you share the life with us.

Welcome to the farm. So far we have had a great spring […]
This is what I call quick comfort food. I can remember growing […]
There are many different ways you can make a sauce for your […]