How to utilize social media sites to your specific needs

The bigger question is what are your end goals? Social media sites are very similar to creating a website in that no one knows where and how to find you. When I got out of college with my Bachelor’s in Information Technology (IT), I started a business designing, developing, and marketing websites to suit the needs of our customers. The majority of our clients had little to no knowledge of the process and we needed to explain in layman’s terms what we were going to do or were doing. The biggest fear of our clients was being overwhelmed with customers once they had a website.

The reality was the only ones visiting their websites were family and friends. Building a website and or social media site is just the beginning of the process. Once you have the site tweaked and is visually appealing, marketing comes next. There is a couple of ways to do it and those ways depend on your marketing budget. The lower the budget, the more you need to be part of the process. Some people have the natural ability to generate large audiences or friends lists on Facebook. If you enjoy being a socialite and have time to devote to it, the budget can be less. Start with Facebook Business.

If time is limited, then you need to start a buzz using marketing to draw people to your site. I assume if you’re here reading this, the sale of beef products is your outcome. If you don’t already know, Facebook prohibits the sale of any animals and or animal products on their marketplace. So the question is why am I still seeing ads of people doing just that? All of these producers either have Shopify which is a selling e-commerce platform and they are doing marketing-based paid ads that are allowed.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for a way to collect money and have an e-commerce platform, Shopify is a great way to do it. You still have to market your products for a fee and also pay Shopify a monthly fee plus a transaction fee on every sale to use their eCommerce platform. Other platforms are PayPal, Meat B2B, and Graze Cart is just a few out there. Do your homework to decide which is best suited for your needs.

Google is still king when it comes to advertising. You are going to have to create an account with them with a payment method before you can start advertising. While there, it’s a good time to get your business listed with them with a business profile. By doing so, you automatically become searchable on Google search results.

There are tons of websites out there where you can gain insight into which direction you decide to go. Again, it boils down to time or money. The more time you are willing to do the homework needed to become a better marketeer the less money you have to spend. Time = Money. Very limited on time, it’s going to cost you to hire someone to do it for you. You really need to watch the end results. If you’re not getting the right result, stop and try something different.

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